When times are tough, emotions are raw and fresh, lonely is about you and the days flow together like one cloudy dream, those who are there through it all from start to finish, day or night, are the funeral directors, morticians and undertakers, from dawn to dusk and back again, they are there.
We can be the balance, the reasoning, the assist in consensus, the warm hand of comfort and the hug that isn’t just a passing reach, it is assurance that all the fear and apprehensions are well in hand and your love, your hero and your most prized “one” is in the comfort of that person, being held as if they were their own.

Not letting them go easily, caring for that “one” like no other, until everything is silent and complete.

These people in our communities are not saints, but to many families they are close to it, and can become like family. They are a part of some of the most personal and emotional times that families ever experience with their loved ones. The responsibility to all of those families is heavy and can be difficult to bear. Our families need us to be the strength and oasis from the world of the sad touch. The tears and grief are a part of what we hold with us to assist in helping people heal.

Enduring relationship can be developed with families, where those who have lost become friends and people who appreciate seeing you in the world and also know that you are, in all reality, one of them. The mom or the dad that takes the kids to the grocery store, watches little league on Saturday mornings, church on Sunday and mowing the lawn along with chores that afternoon. All the time somehow attached to a phone line back to the office in the event another “friend” in our community needs us to be there for them, as we had been for our other “friends”.

A director is a personality that enjoys the best of life and wants to be part of the “fun” as so many times our place is not. We relish our time with family and friends, always knowing that the world is watching us.

They watch us come and go, to work and home. They see us with our families and in our social interactions.

They watch us take a phone call and kiss our wife and kids goodbye and quietly excuse ourselves. People can see the real us through those lenses. We are just people, imperfect as anyone else in our world.

Morality, integrity, love, grace and mercy is what is expected of us as we care for their loved ones in all situations. Our life is put on hold for that family and all of our issues, good or bad, must be set aside to give the care and generosity of spirit entirely to those who have lost.

Who are we? We are all of you, in parts and pieces. For the love of each other – we have the opportunity, FIRST, before most anyone outside of the immediate family has the chance to reach out and care for those who have lost. We are the quiet, gentle touch at the end of life that lets you know we are here for you. We are the assuring words in the middle of the night that let you know everything is in good hands so you might be able to close your eyes and relax your minds without worry.

Rest assured we are always there for what is ever needed at any hour of any day. We have been there and we will be here for all. That is who we are.

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