This is a story I wrote when a young woman was shot at Arapahoe High School.

Our community and state have been and are going through some very painful times.
Innocent people hurt or killed in places of refuge for no apparent logical reason.
These times are sad and reach deep into our souls as communities and families.
Our communities stand strong for each other, pray with each other, support those that have lost and show they care in many ways.
We wait for answers, ask questions and wonder why.
Funeral directors are a part of community , we hurt too. We hurt and question it all as much as the next person. We want to be there in support and console all who suffer and try to help answer all the questions ………but we can’t, ……….we must wait.
We are there for our communities, but we wait. We can’t go to a family of the gravely injured and hug them or try to console them and tell them how much we care. That is not our place. We must wait.
If we were to visit a family to extend our condolences, it most likely would be misinterpreted. So we wait.

We wait to do our part. We wait to be there for that family. We do the best we can with what is left of a devastated family and community. We gather all the pieces and put them together to remember.

Our ways are stoic and somber. Our emotions are like everyone else’s, but in our profession, our emotions must wait. We do our job first for our families and community…..and we wait.
As caring and emotional people, we all want to be there for those who have lost, and that is why we do what we do. The rewards of service to those families and our generosity of all we have is why we wait.
Our time is never our own and with that we learn to live with that weight and, we wait.

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