Today’s families have different feelings towards a funeral service than they did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

In the past, a funeral was a life tradition that was both necessary and important. Today that isn’t always the case. The number of people who place value on the tradition of funerals is shrinking every year. Over 50% of families describe their feelings towards funeral as “an important tradition in life.” The other half feel they are dispensable and insignificant.

How do you gauge the value of a funeral?

Value here doesn’t refer to the financial piece, but rather the emotional value. Families and friends want to feel an emotional connection to the loved on they are there to honor. The execution of that type of service- one that engages the emotions of the participants and respects, even celebrates, the lost loved one, is the true value. Gone are the days of sad, boring or creepy funerals.

Most people come to a service to support the family and look for it to be a celebration of that person’s life. However, a funeral service shouldn’t just be a meaningful, healing experience for the family. Every person that comes to honor that person should feel emotionally fulfilled by the memories, stories and moments that are shared throughout the service. After all, that is the reason why we hold public funerals in the first place – so friends and family can come together to reflect on a life lived, and feel an emotional connection to someone who meant so much to them.

Everyone is invited to take part in the service in one way or another with healing moments and opportunities to share. Friends and family bring personal photos to share and meaningful memories of their loved one and are given the opportunity to share personal stories after the eulogy.

People want a fresh, celebratory take on the dark and dreary funeral service. After all, the quickest way to kill a tradition is to ignore the reason people do it in the first place.

A negative experience of dark and gloomy can push families and friends into opting out of any type of service based on the last one. Designing a healing, celebratory event that truly focuses on honoring that life, rather than focusing on the passing is the key to the “value” of a service.

People need to feel emotionally fulfilled and closer to their loved one when they leave that service. Because of this, the venues of a funeral service have evolved over the years as well. Outdoor services, gardens, parks, mountains, oceans, and in the family home are a few of the unlimited options. Wherever the mind can take you is where families are now planning funeral service events.

Additionally, with technology, the personalization of the events are better than ever. DVD histories of the deceased and the people, places and things they loved can be created and treasured for the next generation. The ability to make unique custom photo boards, posters, memorial tables, candles, books and memorial folders is easy and affordable.

Families are choosing to forego the black funeral garb also. People celebrate with requests for no black but instead vibrant colored outfits or with everyone wearing the loved one’s favorite color. This, along with favorite musical selections, food and drink, bring close the loved one’s favorite things from which great memories and stories come from.

In the end, we are looking back and celebrating someone’s life rather than experiencing the sadness through a creepy funeral service. Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services is here to help you celebrate. And celebrate we will, in a respectful and honoring way. We want to change how you experience funerals.

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