Share your pet story with us!

I’m not sure about you, but I have noticed a bunch of posts on Facebook this past month about the loss of a pet. Maybe I just have a lot of friends with pets. Nevertheless, I thought it may be nice to do a special blog (or more) about stories about our pets who have passed (some people call it the Rainbow Bridge). Here are some guidelines:

  1. Tell us how you first met your pet
  2. Tell us your favorite story with your pet
  3. Tell us what you did to honor them/ celebrate their life at their passing
  4. Let us know what the most helpful thing was that someone said or did for you
  5. Let us know what you did for a memorial pet service
  6. Offer encouragement or hope or hope for someone who has lost a pet

We will post the stories for the purpose of bringing comfort to others who have lost a pet. We would like stories from adults, kids and families, so please share this. I will start it off by sharing a story I received from a friend.

“My best friend was my Saint Bernard…”

Marie writes: “When I was a little girl, my best friend was my Saint Bernard, Mikey. I didn’t have a great home life and Mikey got my tears, my sadness. He sat alone with me and helped me feel less scared. His eyes knew my pain and he comforted me. Because he was so large, I could ride on his back and he made me feel bigger, stronger, more empowered.

I had a lot of stuffed animals and I remember seeing the movie E.T. and laughing when they hid him in the pile of stuffed animals, wearing a hat, because I had done that to my Mikey! I buried him in my stuffed animals and he was so patient with me. He would look at me with this sense of laid back calmness and I loved that about him. I loved his heart and peacefulness. I remember him getting sick. I was so sad to see him deteriorate. My dad told me he was going to take him to the doctor and that the doctor would put him to sleep and that he wouldn’t wake up again after that. I was terribly sad, but there was something in me that understood that Mikey was tired and needed to go to sleep forever.

The thing that helped me the most was trusting that inner knowing that Mikey was tired and was ready to go. He was the first experience with death I had and I had no concept of “heaven” or “eternity”, but I trusted. My dad held me and comforted me and let me cry. I’m not sure how long after that we got another dog, but that did help me move through it. I was able to focus on something new and fun and share my love again. I didn’t love another pet the way I loved Mikey, though. He was my first love, and I remember him fondly.”


Nothing wrong about deep feelings for a pet

“It’s logical that the dog is not a child, yet emotionally there is a similarity in the loss one feels. There is nothing wrong, unhealthy or weird about a deep feeling for your pet. People are aware that their dog is not their biological child, yet the emotions of love, compassion and connection are there nonetheless.” Source: Grieving the Loss of a Pet by Robert Cabral

The loss of a significant pet, can mirror the grief people feel at the loss of a human loved one, and shouldn’t be minimized. We would like to hear your story in order to give hope to those grieving the loss of a pet. If you are experiencing grief, please check out our other resources on our blog.

Tell us your pet's story and call us to arrange your loved one's funeral.

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