I’m Mike Heflebower, and I want to thank you for considering my company to help in your time of loss.

I’ve been a licensed funeral director since 1990, and I’ve been in the funeral industry since 1987.

To best help you during this time, we become part of your family, and we do our best to become friends with you and your loved ones. We take the time to answer all your questions — and we understand that you’re not familiar with what to do — so don’t be afraid to ask anything at all. We’ll teach you what you’ll need for your family and create the type of celebration that befits the person who has moved on.

Each person we help is unique as their fingerprint. The indelible mark they leave on this earth is what we need to celebrate at their time of death, and not only the sadness of their loss.

Call us and we’ll help you take care of this difficult time and walk you through everything you’ll need.

Mike Heflebower


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What to Expect in an Open Casket Service

What’s an open casket? Caskets are the container used to bury the dead or to hold the body for cremation. The family or deceased can choose to have a closed casket, which means the casket is sealed, or an open casket, so the body can be viewed by attendees.

Is there an Island of Misfit Toys for Funeral Directors?

We can sometimes be a lonely bunch, us funeral directors, because of the nature of our work. We leave when death calls. And death never makes appointments. I understand that I don’t always make the best friend. After all, I may leave your anniversary dinner party early. But keep inviting me, please.