Have you seen the show on Discovery Channel, “Naked and Afraid”? The extreme survivalist show is meant to put one woman and one man into a situation where they face themselves, nature, and another person, and they do it all without clothing.

Survivalist shows are not new, but they are growing in popularity as people create more and more doomsday scenarios like the Zombie Apocalypse, Alien Conquest or even the world being torn apart by an earthquake or comet. Doomsdayers may build bunkers and learn survival skills such as starting a fire, finding food (which can include hoarding and stashing food), and building livable structures. For some people, this is a way of life. Although we wonder if being a survivalist is really living at all. And some people who practice this, don’t like the term due to bad press about being a “doomsdayer”. They prefer titles like “Preppers” or “Person who practices crisis preparedness”. Although, I think someone in the medical, military or justice fields may not like that connection either.

According to Vic Rantala, owner of Safecastle, a company specializing in survival gear, “Our customers are really a good cross section of the American population. We have people of all incomes and a lot of professions: Doctors, Lawyers, Business owners.” SOURCE:CNBC Businesses that cater to doomsdayers.

Since 2011, terrorism has been on the rise, which causes people to be afraid to attend large public events. Maybe being stranded alone on an island feels safer these days than going to a theater, concert or tourist attraction.

However, when you are constantly planning for the end, what does that do for the present? And considering The End may not happen in your lifetime, if at all, is survivalism really living life to the fullest?

This isn’t a suggestion to not prepare for anything, but really more of a request for balance. When loved ones come to Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services, we hear stories that are remembrances of times spent with the loved one. We learn about mementos and gifts, acts of service, successes and accomplishments, how the loved ones made a positive impact on their world of influence.

Are you a prepper? How do you balance living life with preparing for a crisis? What got you first interested in survivalism as a lifestyle?

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