We can sometimes be a lonely bunch, us funeral directors, because of the nature of our work.

We leave when death calls. And death never makes appointments.

Sadly, this means we don’t have many friends, although we still really want them. And I understand that I don’t always make the best friend. After all, I may leave your anniversary dinner party early. I may not make it to happy hour. But keep inviting me, please.

My first priority will always be my family.

Free time isn’t something I am afforded a lot of, so when I have it, they are the ones I choose first. Being around death all the time puts life into perspective. I have learned that all work and no play is not the kind of life worth living. And yet I also recognize that families experiencing a loss need support. We funeral directors can’t help but serve. In fact, we feel honored to be involved in such a precious time in a family’s life.

We are also almost always a little depressed. Our jobs are sad sometimes. Although we are celebrating someone’s life, for the loved one’s left behind it is a process of acceptance. And I am there for the beginning of the process, which is the most fresh, raw part. We are detached as possible, but when we hear the stories of the families, we can’t help but experience empathy. And when something truly tragic happens, no one is exempt from the painful emotions those cause.

It is for this reason we truly value our family and friends.

They light up our lives and remind us that we are alive and that life is worth living. If you are within the circle of our inner connections, you are valued and loved. You have become our “island”- a place of refuge, support and love.

So, I end with Gratitude. I am so very thankful for the love and support of family and friends and never more so than during this time where families come together and share traditions, laughter and memories.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Your friends at Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services in Denver, Colorado.

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