A funeral has the opportunity to be as unique and personalized as a person’s life. Their death experience is able to be as robust and celebratory as the life they lead. And this is really good for the loved ones, those friends and family, who long to remember the life and not the death of the person who the have lost. Some funerals seem to go over the top with requests, and for some, that might mirror their lives, but for others, for most, simple personalization is what is truly desired in today’s funerals.

How important is it that your funeral is personalized?

According to a Funeral Personalization Survey, 49% of those questioned answered ‘important’ or ‘very important’, the top two highest rankings.The largest component of having a personalized funeral service is communication. You must communicate to the funeral director and the funeral director must have a clear understanding of these requests. If the funeral director isn’t able to accommodate the requests, it is ok to look elsewhere. Some directors are going to be more comfortable with certain traditions, and the right match needs to be found to truly be honored or to honor another in the customized way desired.

Everyone surveyed felt an end of life celebration was important enough to have one. This means that everyone wanted some sort of service. Not one person mentioned just a simple cremation- they wanted some sort of honoring tradition. Now, this was a sample of people, but doesn’t it make sense that every person would want some honor at their passing? Personalization is part of celebrating the end of life by recognizing this need. Additionally, funerals, once seen as dark and gloomy, are being shifted to truly be as colorful as the person who is being honored.

So while no one wants to simply being cremated or buried without some sort of ceremony, over 71% of people didn’t want a ‘funeral’. It seems the idea of a traditional funeral is outdated. It now means that the modern day funeral requires more.

What can you do to show a unique celebration and do you have a funeral director who will accommodate those personalizations?

While some ideas verge on offensive to some, to others, there is no greater honor. Here are some of the most interesting ones we found that may inspire some of your own personalization. Some of these are more extreme than others, but all these funeral personalizations have been done (some adult content).

Body being positioned on a motorcycle rather than inside a casket.

Being buried inside a car rather than a casket.

Burials without a casket.

Being buried with a piece of a car.

Being buried with something of value, such as a part of a collection.

Having a theme related to a hobby, profession or cause.

Special music, performed live or recorded, of the deceased favorite singer or songs.

Caskets shaped in unusual forms, aka fantasy coffins.

Flowers in the shape of items important to the deceased.

Funeral pyres.

Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services will follow all applicable laws and will find a way to honor the requests you have for your funeral personalization. Regardless of your tradition or non-traditional requests, we will do what we can to truly and fully honor you and your loved ones.