Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services hears the stories of the deceased who we have been honored to conduct services for. We typically hear the stories through the family members, and we seem to get the most amazing people through our doors. The loved ones of the deceased talk about them as though they are famous, and they are, in their unique circles.

Here are 7 famous people buried in Colorado.

  1.       Alferd Packer

Alferd Packer is the infamous cannibal, known for eating his fellow hikers in 1874. The stories surrounding the death of the hikers has people unsure if Alferd killed them for the purpose of eating them, or if he really ate them for survival. Evidence showed it was likely murder, but they weren’t sure of the chronology of events or who killed whom. Alferd, however, was the only survivor. He is buried in the Littleton Cemetery and there is a memorial cafeteria grill at the University of Colorado- Boulder.

  1.       Edward J Sedivy

This AT&T pioneer engineered pay phones to give emergency callers a dial tone. He died in an ice-fishing accident on Chatfield Reservoir, in 1986. The Colorado State University College of Engineering awarded him a Distinguished Alumni Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Source: Famous Buried Coloradans

  1.       Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill is probably the most famous Colorado burial, as his gravesite receives over 400,000 visitors every year. He died in 1917 and is buried on Lookout Mountain. He came to Colorado as part of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush and was responsible for the Wild West Show where he entertained audiences with wildlife shows that were both educational and entertaining.

  1.       Barney Ford

Ford was one of the wealthiest men in Colorado in 1870. He founded a school for African Americans at that time and the Barney L. Ford building is still situated at 15th and Blake in Denver. A Colorado businessman who escaped slavery at age 26, he was a true entrepreneur who created several successful businesses and was inducted into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame in 1992. He died in 1902 and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Denver.

  1.       Mary Gregg

Mary Gregg was notarized for the murder-suicide she was responsible for in Grand Lake, CO in 1904. Her husband, Warren “Watt” C. Gregg was a woodcraftsman and prospector. He was mostly known for the Spider House, named for the intricate spider-like webs of wood created as decoration on it. Mary, and the 4 children she fatally shot, are buried in Grand Lake and are the subject of urban myth and plenty of ghost stories.

  1.       Silas Soule

Silas was most famous for his opposition and formal complaint against Colonel John Chivington for the Sand Creek massacre in 1864. After seeing a Union flag being waved, which was a sign of peace, by the camp they were to attack, he was recorded to say:

“I refused to fire, and swore that none but a coward would, for by this time hundreds of women and children were coming towards us, and getting on their knees for mercy.” Source: Silas Soule Famous Denver Death

He was killed in Denver months after he expressed his opposition and is buried in Riverside Cemetery there.

  1.       Helen Hunt Jackson

Native American Activist, Helen Hunt, was a prolific writer and poet. She became upset about the US mistreatment of the Ponca Tribe of Native Americans after hearing a lecture describing the deplorable conditions surrounding their forced relocation. She wrote letters to the New York Times, conducted investigations into government misconduct, and lead fundraising efforts on behalf of the Poncas.

She died in 1885 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our obituaries only tell a small story about our life, and whether we are famous for a crime, an invention, our hearts, or our success, we are remember for the effect we have had on others. Honoring someone for their contribution is of utmost importance to Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services.

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