Seven Stones is the first new cemetery to be built in Douglas County, Colorado in 108 years.

They are distinctly different than most existing cemeteries in that they are a botanical gardens cemetery. They felt there was a need for a cemetery that was welcoming and relaxing. They sought out to create beautiful grounds landscaped with trees and flowers, sculptures, fountains and winding paths.

Their variety of end of life options allow for a true honoring of one’s final resting place, right in the foothills of the Chatfield Reservoir area. Each option is available for both cremations and burials.

Ground Burials

Ground burials are preferred in certain religions or as just a matter of personal taste. You have options that include embalming, caskets or shrouds and the grave marker and personalization you are interested in.

Green Burials

A natural burial or green burial is an option in Seven Stones. Some cultures and traditions, such as Judaism and Native Americans, prefer this option which uses a biodegradable casket, if one at all.

sevenstonespromoCommunity Mausoleum

The community mausoleum is an above ground tomb and is an affordable option as the cost is shared among the other individuals. A casket can be placed in the mausoleum, as can an urn of cremated remains. Either way, they are sealed with granite, marble, bronze, wood or glass. Urns are usually placed in a niche which can have a glass front so loved ones can see photos or other memorabilia.

Private Family Estates

Private areas of land or a custom mausoleum for a family are like a small cemetery within a cemetery for a family legacy. Design can include garden features and space for cremations and burials. Seven Stones is happy to help you with the plan and layout of such a space beautifully nestled in the foothills of Colorado.

Pet Burials

Seven Stones offers ways to pay respect to your family pets as well with cremation, burial and memorialization options. Pay tribute with or without a casket, grave marker, and/or ceremony.

A beautiful setting not just for your final resting place, but for the visitors of the space in our botanical gardens. We honor nature and your loved ones and hope you come learn more at and/or