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Dealing with grief during the holidays

With the major holidays just around the corner, many people think of food, family, gifts and resolutions. But for many people, the holidays trigger grief from loss of a loved one who won’t be participating, at least not bodily, in the season. There is a lot of... read more

Which way should my tombstone face?

It is one of those curiosities that probably started in some tradition, long lost, but it is still a question we get about tombstones, along with: Why do tombstones face east? Are there Jewish/Christian/Other rules about which direction a tombstone should face? Why do... read more

A message from my dad:

My dad, Lee Heflebower, is one of my favorite people. And I fall into that ‘sandwich generation’ where I am caring for my children as well as my aging parents, like many of you are. Today, I am going to share this message he wrote and then give a checklist of the... read more

The Bucket List

The concept of the bucket list has been around for quite some time, but gained even more recognition with the 2007 film of the same name. The concept of the bucket list is really the question: What do you want to do before you die? And, it is meant not to be morbid,... read more

3 Military Burials That Could Be Movies

With over 28 years in the funeral business, Mike Heflebower has some great stories to tell. These 3 military burials have stories connected to them that could be movies. Head of Security The SR-71, also known as the Blackbird Spy Plane, was used in the US Air Force... read more

Let’s Talk About Death, Really

We discussed in another blog the topic of a death party, which, essentially was giving us a method to talk about death, dying and the end of life requests we have. Well we found another organization, Dying Matters, that also works to breach this taboo subject.

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The Grieving Process

The steps and process of grief have been defined and yet how people move through the process will look different for everyone. And, even though friends and family mean well, they don’t really understand fully what you are going through because your situation is unique to you. They make offer condolences, helpful and not. But, the relationship you had with the deceased is only understood fully by you.

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What is a green burial?

Green burial and the Environment in Denver Metro

Everything in nature is recycled. Everything that has lived, dies and returns to the soil. A green burial is a way to allow nature to do what it always has done- recycle. It is an earth friendly option that can now be considered when thinking about burial and cremation.

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DNA Preservation Of Your Loved Ones

It is important that genetic records not be lost in death, and although it sounds like something from the distant future, DNA preservation is available now. DNA preservation offers an opportunity to answer: Where do I come from? Where are my ancestors from? Who am I... read more

What is a death party?

If you are thinking it has to do with vampires or teens with black lipstick, you couldn’t be more wrong.
Death parties are a new trend designed to get families to talk about a typically taboo subject: death.

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Pre-Planning Final Arrangements

Are you considering pre-planning your funeral services?
Wondering where to start with funding your final arrangements?
In the funeral business there are a few ways to plan ahead for your own services. It is important to understand these multiple options and make the most educated choice for yourself and your family.

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We take the creepy out of a funeral service.

In the past, a funeral was a life tradition that was both necessary and important. Today that isn’t always the case. The number of people who place value on the tradition of funerals is shrinking every year. Over 50% of families describe their feelings towards funeral as “an important tradition in life.” The other half feel they are dispensable and insignificant.

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Our Funeral Service History: WYUKA cemetery.

For four years of my career I managed a funeral home and cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska called WYUKA.

Wyuka cemetery was chartered by the state of Nebraska in March of 1869. The name Wyuka comes from the Lakota Sioux and means “where he lays down” or “where he rests.” It was originally laid out in the model of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts est. in 1831 and was to be located three miles from the state capital building.

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Why Choose Cremation?

Why Cremation? – People choose cremation for a variety of reasons.

Some do so based on environmental considerations. Others have philosophical or religious reasons. Still others choose cremation because they feel it is simpler and less complicated. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you with any questions you may have regarding cremation.

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WHO is a Funeral Director Anyway?

When times are tough, emotions are raw and fresh, lonely is about you and the days flow together like one cloudy dream, those who are there through it all from start to finish, day or night, are the funeral directors, morticians and undertakers, from dawn to dusk and back again, they are there.

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