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Transferring Your Funeral Pre-planning

You have the ability to transfer your funeral pre-planning, as well as any pre-payment plans, to Heflebower Funeral Services. We want you to take the time to make educated decisions about your end of life wishes, well before they are urgent and emotional.

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Coping with Death by Suicide

Funerals for someone who has taken their life also requires some additional “special handling”. The focus must be on remembering the deceased in a way that doesn’t glamorize their choice but instead focuses on healing.

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5 Burial Traditions You Probably Didn’t Know About

From burial in space to the use of fire, water and scavengers, there are a number of fascinating funeral practices that most of us haven’t heard of. It’s also interesting to learn of the many similarities in cultural behaviors, such as the traditions that honor a deity or incorporate beliefs of an afterlife.

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Share Your Pet Story With Us!

There is nothing wrong, unhealthy or weird about a deep feeling for your pet. People are aware that their dog is not their biological child, yet the emotions of love, compassion and connection are there nonetheless.

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What to Expect in an Open Casket Service

What’s an open casket? Caskets are the container used to bury the dead or to hold the body for cremation. The family or deceased can choose to have a closed casket, which means the casket is sealed, or an open casket, so the body can be viewed by attendees.

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What is DNA Preservation?

DNA Preservation is simply the securing and storing of genetic material. It can be done for people or for pets, and for a variety of reasons. Overall, DNA preservation creates opportunities for your family in the future. Most people interested in DNA preservation are... read more

How much does a headstone cost?

A headstone cost can vary significantly depending on the type of material used, the company you purchase it from, the finishes and more. A headstone can be referred to as a gravestone, grave marker and marker, and are all interchangeable words. Average costs are... read more

Important Documents for End of Life Planning

End of life planning isn’t easy to talk about. But death is one thing that happens to everyone. And end of life planning isn’t just for seniors. Once a person becomes 18, it is important to have certain documents in place in case of an emergency. These documents and... read more

Naked and Afraid.. to Die

When you are constantly planning for the end, what does that do for the present? And considering The End may not happen in your lifetime, if at all, is survivalism really living life to the fullest?

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Famous People Buried in Colorado

Heflebower Funeral and Cremation Services hears the stories of the deceased who we have been honored to conduct services for. We typically hear the stories through the family members, and we seem to get the most amazing people through our doors. The loved ones of the... read more